Managana current version is 1.6.0, released on August 2013

Managana is a free cross platform of software for digital publication based on imagination as interface. Created by the Ciclope atelier, it allows the creation and maintenance of communities that share interactive content on the web, tablets, smartphones and exhibits. Each community has interactive streams composed of clusters of audiovisual, graphics, text and external feeds.  Managana mixes and sequences playlists that can be created, displayed, and animated in the software itself.

The current version modules: web player/editor, applications for Windows, OSX,  Android and iOS, showtime for Windows and MacOS and appwizard for Windows. You can download the Managana here (GNU/LGPL-licensed): source code, an easy step-by-step installation package for final users, the showtime and appwizard applications.

A quick overview of the Managana application

The remote control, a cool feature provided by Managana

Managana player screenshots

Managana editor screenshots


MANAGANA 1.6.0 – August 2013 revision


Link to the player, through the index of communities:

Link to enter in the editor

Link to download apps of the player and remote control for iOS and Android:

Link to download the Managana software (GNU/LGPL-licensed), both source code and an easy step-by-step installation package for final users.

Known bugs

The remote control seems to be unable to connect to a player running on a web browser if both are connected to the same network. This problem happens on some Windows/anti-virus combinations. A workaroud is to connect the remote control on another network, like a 3G one. This problem only happens if the player is running on a web browser – app-based players, like the Showtime, are not affected.

0703 # 01 PLAYER
Texts become blurry on mobile devices if any 3D transformation is applied (seems worse on Samsung devices). Seems to be related to the graphic board of the device. Depends on Air to solve.

Ongoing implementations and wishlist

1504 #3 SEARCH
Improve the search on content by adding instances text to the query.

0312 # 07 EDITOR
Set the interpolation from landscape to portrait (it just don’t happen in the editor, its correctly show in the player).

0309 # 06 EDITOR
Link the remote control editor and player through the + window.

2704 # 01 EDITOR
The gray boxes used in the editor vanishes under some bgs, we have to see the alpha or the gray of it.

0309 # 03 EDITOR
Check box in preview window to see the last published or last stream stream saved.

0229 # 24 EDITOR
When placing windows to drag the playlists back and forth at least they should have: proportion scale, move forward and back and open playlists properties, texts should have a button to edit right there and photos and videos to change the element.

0427 # 01 EDITOR
360 degrees in z: all tweens happen now rotating clockwise. We have to refine, but the result is better than we had before.

analyzing (may be bugs) and dreaming

When navigating to another stream the same instance element in it and even media, video and text crashes. perhaps in all media give. If we create a test and deal with this?

0418 # 03 PLAYER
Imagination Site only: the poem is stopping at the end of the app and have run at the end to the next, only in tablets. The same occurs with other videos in the Sertao Vivo. Reprocessing has been good, testing, it seems to be old codec issue.

0319 # 08 EDITOR
Navigation in the editor – try to reduce the influence of the cache: when changing element in the playlist in the player does not appear. When the reload is not routine maybe give a reload can resolve the issue of cache or refresh the playlist.

0317 # 04 EDITOR
Think of stream background color?

2704 # 05 EDITOR
Get to know the kind of video pseudoserver used by youtube, using flash, know the technology that allows you to place video without an expensive server.


Add a comment with your bug or implementation suggestion.

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