Managana 1.6.0 comes with HTML5 player

Managana 1.6.0 is ready. Besides general bug fixes this version comes with a great improvement: the new HTML5 player!

Until now Managana required viewers to have Adobe Flash Player installed on their computers/devices to check content. To bring their creations to most mobile devices, mobile apps created from the Appwizard were the only choice.

The Appwizard is still there with its advanced features, but now there is another choice. If Adobe Flash Player is not found, Managana tries to use the HTML5 canvas for rendering. This means you create once and have your content deployed to even more devices with no extra work.

To learn more about the HTML5 player, check ou the new Getting started with Managana: creating for HTML5 document available at the downloads section. As usual, all software packages and source code is available from there too:

Do you want to see the new HTML5 player in action? What about checking out Managana’s own presentation on it?

Some important bug fixes:

  • the display options provided by the “Community > Links” option from the editor were fixed;
  • monitor-only users for remote control on public presentations support were broken in some circumstances – fixed.

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