Managana 1.5.0 arrives with great improvements!

We are happy to announce the Managana version 1.5.0. This is a huge update with lots of new features and possibilities for content creators. Here are some highlights of the new version:


  • improved user interface for high density screens
  • new notes and bookmarks feature
  • new search functionality
  • zoom controls for the web-based player
  • content manager for easy access to all available communities and also for content download for offline access
  • new HTML box overlay to show interactive, cross-platform html-based widgets
  • support for the new Leap Motion Controller interaction device
  • customizable transitions for various navigation types, like sequences on X, Y and Z axis
  • swipe gestures support on touch screens for navigation on X and Y axis
  • print support on desktop systems (press the “p” key)


  • new tools for bulk actions: creating navigation sequences and setting stream guides
  • new file manager to improve media uploading
  • improved system configuration
  • new language manager to create multi-language Managana installations


  • improved access to local and remote content (you can now use both at the same time)
  • better keyboard interaction, allowing the locking of the configuration key on installations where users gain access to the keyboard
  • swipe and zoom gestures support on touch screens presentations
  • support for the new Leap Motion Controller interaction device


  • complete interface redesign
  • Windows and OSX (Mac) applications (player and remote) can now be created – based on Adobe AIR
  • Windows stand-alone applications can be created for easy distribution: no other software installation is required and the app can run even from flash drives or DVDs
  • the new AppWizard is not compatible with previous versions projects – if you intend to update previous apps you created on it, remember to save your certificate files and use them on the new wizard tool

New tool: PDF2DIS!

PDF2DIS is a new tool of the Managana family. It can load a PDF file and convert it to a fully functional DIS community that can be used on AppWizard to create applications or can be imported using the editor for furter work, like adding improved interactivity.

New document: advanced tips!

The Getting started with Managana series had been revised for the new 1.5.0 version and come with a new document. The advanced tips document explains some of the cool features of Managana for brave content creators.

Get it now!

You can get the new 1.5.0 version at our downloads section or at Sourceforge. Managana is free software licensed under the LGPL version 3. This means you are free to use it in any forms you want, including its source code.

Known bugs for the 1.5.0 version

The remote control seems to be unable to connect to a player running on a web browser if both are connected to the same network. This problem happens on some Windows/anti-virus combinations. A workaroud is to connect the remote control on another network, like a 3G one. This problem only happens if the player is running on a web browser – app-based players, like the Showtime, are not affected.

The Google Play appstore may erroneously identify AppWizard applications as not correclty signed if you are using the new developer console. This is a bug found on the release version of the Adobe AIR SDK 3.7. To solve this problem, use the latest beta version of Adobe AIR found on

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