Managana 1.4.0 is out!

The new Managana 1.4.0 is ready! This update comes to improve text and external feed handling, along with some news at the Showtime application. As usual, you can find the new version downloads at

General updates

Improvements on text handling: now the paragraph text accept a new input mode: HTML code. You can use it to add plain html code that takes advantage of the new CSS support. At the community properties you can set a default stylesheet with your style declarations. The HTML support is limited and you should avoid the usage of the <div> tag (<span> with class attribute works fine) and <img> one (may not be rendered well, specially on mobile devices).

The editor, web player and the showtime application can now handle custom fonts. These fonts mus be saved in swf format – check the FontAsset project of the source code to learn how to create Managana-compatible fonts. The mobile applications still can’t use the new custo fonts feature and are limted by the Managana default ones. You can build your own mobile apps from the source if you want to add your own fonts.

The external feed support was also improved and now we have an all-new WordPress plugin that can be used to turn the famous blog system into a powerfull feed provider for Managana. Check the plugin at the downloads page. At the instance properties window you can now set the CSS class for the external text feed content to take advantage of the new stylesheet support.


The showtime configuration window was redesigned to improve usage. Also, two new items were add to the configuration:

  • Action schedule: now you can set timed actions to run at your showtime installation. You can provide any progress code you want and set the month, day, hour and minute to run it.
  • Video mapping: you can now map the managana showtime video output to one or several extra projectors. You can even make image crops (as many as you want) and adjust their output to fit irregular projection areas.

App Wizard

The remote control applications you create from the appwizard can now connect to your Managana content even if the device is not connected to the same wifi network as the presentation. This feature uses the Adobe Cirrus beta service and you will need to request a free developer key from its website. Just look for the “configuration > reader” menu at the managana editor for more details. (previously this fetaure was only availabe whe the remote control apps were created from the source code)

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