Managana 1.3.0 is here! Check out the new exciting features!

The Managana version 1.3.0 is out. Besides the common bug fixes, it comes with some cool new features for digital content creators! You can find the new version downloads at

Enhanced progress code now allows the usage of variables and conditions to make the content even more interactive. Variable values can even be saved locally or at the cloud for data persistence.

mobile applications
The new GPS support allow the creation of geolocation-sensitive content for mobile devices without the need of technical knowledge.

showtime application
Stereoscopic 3D display for 3D-ready TV sets or projectors. Enhanced webcam and Microsoft Kinect support. The TCP connection can now be done as a server or as a client (or even both). Several instances of Managana Showtime can now talk to each other creating much more interactive public presentations.

remote control
Complete interface redesign made the remote control app much easier to use.

These are just general headlines of the new Managana features. Keep checking our website and social network profiles for detailed information about the 1.3.0 version. Also, check out these two small videos we made with a simple Managana presentation:


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