Managana current version is 1.6.0, released on August 2013

Managana is here! You may choose to download the full software package to make your own creations, the mobile player to see content on your device or the source code, if you are a developer. Managana is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 3.

Managana full package

All Managana here: the files for webserver installation with the editor and the webplayer, the Showtime application for both Windows and MacOS, the AppWizard and PDF2DIS for Windows and the WordPress plugin. All-in-one!


Managana install/upgrade package

The file comes with everything you need to install Managana on your webserver, local or on the Internet. If you have questions about the installation, check out our forum. This installation package also comes with an upgrade script, so you can also update any previous Managana installations you already have.


Windows launcher package

Based on the XAMPP lite server, this file comes with the latest full version of Managana running from a local web server already set. No need for any installations or settings: just unzip the package and start using the Managana editor in no time! You can even run it from your flash drive. The pack comes with a default user,  ‘user@managana.org’ and as password, ‘password’.


Getting started documents

The Getting Started with Managana: creating for web and mobile devices is a helpful document explaining the basics of content creation with the software. An easy-to-follow illustrated guide shows how to produce a simple digital magazine, from the Managana installation until the final creation of an application.

PDF: http://www.managana.org/files/Managana-1-6-0-gettingstarted.pdf
ODT: http://www.managana.org/files/Managana-1-6-0-gettingstarted.odt

The Getting Started with Managana: creating for HTML5 brings some tips to fully explore the potential of the Managana HTML5 player.

PDF: http://www.managana.org/files/Managana-1-6-0-html5.pdf
ODT: http://www.managana.org/files/Managana-1-6-0-html5.odt

The It’s Showtime! document explains the Managana Showtime application for public exhibitions and is recommended for digital artists.

PDF: http://www.managana.org/files/Managana-1-6-0-its-showtime.pdf
ODT: http://www.managana.org/files/Managana-1-6-0-its-showtime.odt

The advanced tips helps content creators to use some nice features of Managana.

PDF: http://www.managana.org/files/Managana-1-6-0-advanced-tips.pdf
ODT: http://www.managana.org/files/Managana-1-6-0-advanced-tips.odt

WordPress plugin

You can use a standard WordPress installation as an external feed provider for your Managana creations. Just add this plugin to it and you’ll be able to set up the communications between the two softwares. To learn more about this plugin check the advanced tips document below.



The Managana App Wizard is a Windows software capable of creating applications based on your own Managana content for Windows, OSX, Android and iOS systems. It is also capable of creating remote controllers connected to your Managana-based website.


There is a known bug on remote controllers if you are connecting to a Managana player on a web browser: if both are on the same network the connection may not be established. If this is your case, try to connect the remote control on another network, like a 3G one. The bug affects only the player running from a browser and on some Windows systems: app-based players, like the Showtime, are not affected.


Managana provides easy-to-use Windows and MacOS applications for the ones interested on interactive presentations. This software is the Managana Showtime. It can connect to Managana content on a web server or even play it from a local DIS folder. Managana Showtime can handle several interaction forms like standard webcams, keyboards, and even the Microsoft Kinect (on both Windows and MacOS systems). Also, the application can create a TCP server or a client to receive connections so you can improve the interaction with any software language/tool you want to. The Managana Showtime can also map the video output to one or several projectors to be used as a video mapping tool. You can even create image crops, as many as you want, and adjust their output to irregular areas.

You can check a configuration tool by pressing the F1 key while running showtime. The video mapping configuration window can be accessed with the F2 key.

Windows installer

MacOS installer


This is a Windows-base application capable of loading a PDF file and saving its contents as a community DIS folder.


Mobile application

You can download the free Managana mobile application on your Android device, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch:


Managana also has a remote controller that can be used associated with a website or any onther installation. To download a version connected to Ciclope website, look for the Managana R applicati on Google Play and also on Apple Appstore. If you want to check out how the Managana R application works, just watch this small sample video we created.

You can also check out Managana working online on your computer browser: http://www.ciclope.art.br/ciclopeen/

Source code

The software is aimed at the Apache Flex version 4.9.1, PHP and MySQL. Please refer to our forum for more details about building and organizing Managana. The source package comes with everything: the editor, the web player, the mobile apps, the remote controller, the app wizard and the showtime application.


If you are interested only on the HTML5 player source code:




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