Managana is a free software for digital publishing. Besides the usage in the original distribution form, the software can also be adapted to your needs. Contact us if you need a Managana customization: click here.

Some Managana communities:

Ciclope’s communities [view in full screen]

Espaço Israel Pinheiro

Located at Brasília, the Brazilian capital city, this is a learning center dedicated to sustained development. [view in full screen]

Editora Peirópolis

Gizamundo book [view in full screen]

about the brazilian writer Alaíde Lisboa [view in full screen]

Managana was also customized for other publishing types, like the festival magazines Eletronika and Vivo Arte.mov, available on Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Eletronika on Google Play
Vivo Arte.mov on Google Play

artemov1 artemov2 artemov3



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