Managana is a free cross-platform software for digital publication based on imagination as interface. Created by the Ciclope atelier, it allows the creation and maintenance of communities that share interactive content on the web, tablets, smartphones and exhibits. Each community has interactive streams composed of clusters of audiovisual, graphics, text and external feeds.  Managana mixes and sequences play lists that can be created, displayed, and animated in the software itself.

Managana is made for the era of cloud computing, mobile devices and multiple screens: the internet 3. The software, 100% free, published under the LGPL license of the Free Software Foundation, mixes and sequences media streams and their interaction with the main platforms of the digital world. It evolved from the software of Imagination Site, made by Ciclope atelier, on air since 2002, having gone through five versions. The version 6.0 of the software was all re-written using free tools and baptized Managana.

The name Managana with roots in Sanskrit, composed of mana and gana, present at the anthem of India, means ‘peoplesminds’. The first verse of the anthem “Jana Gana Mana adhināyaka” is officially translated into English as: “Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people.”

Managana runs on projections, televisions, computer monitors, notebooks, tablets and smart phones, in various conditions and operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android 2.2 or higher, on iPads and iPhones.

Works with immediate update on line via a graphical editor and through the integration of Twitter, Facebook and WordPress posts in the  interface. It has a full arsenal for adding content via RSS feeds, access to videos on Youtube, Vimeo and Livestreams; Google Maps, Street View and Translator. Managana not only imports content from places as also exports information for G +, Facebook and Twitter. Interactions with mouse, touchscreen, remote controls using tablets and smart phones and interactions with joysticks, kinect and various sensors are in its design.

Managana allows editing on line via web and also receives posts via tablets and smart phones.The content editing module, integrated with WordPress, allows dynamic editing, in draft, pending, and published. Management of access and modification through administrators, authors and communities is also implemented. Easy to translate, made in an open format and file structure.

Managana is a software that shapes up as a platform for collective construction of knowledge. Enjoy!

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